Production and Recording

Ocean Wave Studios is a music production and recording facility.
We arrange, record, mix, master and produce in a variety of genres.
We compose music for TV and movie commercials, theme music, sync, library and production music.
The Ocean Wave Studios music production facility provides instrument and voice-over tracks for your recordings. We have high quality musicians to play on your track.

Our session players, vocalists and voice-over people sing, speak and perform in many styles of music and in many different languages.

In our team, we also have a crew of international designers and photographers.
Do you need help with designing your band/artist logotype, CD sleeve, website, flyers etc?
Do you want to have new cool pictures for your promotion material? We can help you with that!

Our experienced and passionate staff will happily help you achieve your goals.

Regardless of music style, special requirements or specialization, we will most probably have someone perfectly suitable to make it happen for you. All of our staff are specialists in different areas of the audio/music/design industry with many years of expertise.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with us via: oceanwavestudios (at) gmail.com

Some of our clients & friends that have visited the studio:

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